The Catholic Transcript | St. Bridget School Family Picnic
Created 2-Nov-12
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With an eye toward the Archdiocese of Hartford's upcoming Family Day, St. Bridget School in Manchester opened its academic year with a family picnic on Sept. 9 at Wickham Park in Manchester. About 150 adults and children attended. The Archdiocese of Hartford is participating in Family Day - A Day to Eat With Your Children on Monday, Sept. 26.
Fleming Allaire, 4th grade teacher at St. Bridget School, left;  Judi Collet, who teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at St. Bridget School; and her husband, Pat Collet, grilling hot dogs.Maggie Owen and  daughter Eleanor Owen, a 4th grade student at St. Bridget School.Kevin Maysonet, a first grade student at St. Bridget School enjoys a hot dog at the family picnic.Jared Macaluso, age 2, shows what delicious cupcakes they were serving at the picnic. His mom, Jillmarie Macaluso, is a member of St. Bridget Home School Association.Brandan Macaluso, a 1st grade student at St. Bridget School, and Stella Zimmer, age 4, play together at the St. Bridget School Welcome Back picnic.Mark Vasil, School Board Member and his daughter, Mara Vasil, a second grade student at St. Bridget School.Eric Visoskis and Catherine Puffer play together in front of a fairy house built by students and parents of St. Bridget School at the Welcome Back picnic held at Wickham Park in Manchester.Kids at play during the St. Bridget School family picnic.Kids play during the St. Bridget School family picnic.

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