The Catholic Transcript | International Day at St. James
Created 2-Nov-12
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Eighth-grade students learned a lot while preparing for the annual International Day celebration recently at St. James School in Manchester. Nicco Carilli learned that the literacy rate in Norway is 100 percent for the population age 15 or older, something he thinks the United States should try to achieve. He and group members, Jackie Andreo and Ryan Corl worked for six weeks to prepared their display about Norway. The International Day projects are a culmination of geography and English studies and require students to research, write reports, draw maps and develop a display to showcase the country they studied. In addition, students learn to work together in groups assigned by their geography and English teachers, Laurie Plourd and Joan Gordon, respectively. (Photos by Lenora Sumsky)
Chris Hanna and Amanda Thompson do their best to represent Australia.Michaela Thomas, left, shares what she learned about Canada with 7seventh-grade students Rebekah Strand and Hanna Bauer, right.Kaylee Campbell, left, Matt Alexander and Katie Mathieu know all about Denmark.Austin Barselau, Madison Pelletier and Brenna Gordon dress with Hungarian flair for International Day at St. James School in Manchester.Eric Sahi, left; Keeyan Ghoreshi , center; and Katy Kowalsky (standing).  The boys are teaching other students to play a game. Katy passed out stickers with the Iranian flag.Representing Ireland are, from left, Jessica Leary, Mary Claire Blackwell and Adrian Ward-Manthey,Peter Harris, Taylor Porco and Sydney Bridgeman studied Japan.From left, Nicco Carilli, Jackie Andreo and Ryan Corl share what they learned about Norway with Amelia Okert, a fifth-grader at St. James School in Manchester .

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