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Created 2-Nov-12
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nternational Heritage Day is the culmination of almost a year of effort by fourth graders at Blessed Sacrament School in Waterbury. For the annual event, students research their family tree and heritage, and then present a snapshot of the country they picked by dressing in costumes, selecting music, presenting a display, and preparing and serving traditional foods to fellow students during the day and to parents and guests in the evening. Fourth grade teacher Michele Banach got it all rolling 21 years ago, and says that it has gotten bigger every year since. (Photos by Mary Chalupsky)
Step-dancers Ireland and Siobhan Gilmore represent Ireland.From left, Michael Keatney, Heather Brown and Abigail Bener represent IrelandJacob Dinklocker, GermanyBrandon Cores and Jocelyn Medina represent Puerto Rico.From left, Zachary Mehlin, Billy Scovill, Drew Barbeau represent ItalyEmily Stack and Christopher Meier represent ItalyEmily Stack and Christopher Meier, Italy.Matthew Buonomo represents France

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