The Catholic Transcript | Faith Fair at St. Anthony School
Created 2-Nov-12
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WINSTED – Putting a twist on the school science fair, St. Anthony School sponsored a Faith Fair recently at which one could pin the tail on Jesus’ donkey, spin the Wheel-of-Faith, play Bible trivia or knock down the Seven Deadly Sins. The school’s first-ever Faith Fair gave students the chance to combine Christianity and crafts imaginatively in order to showcase topics covered in religion classes throughout the year. It provided parents the opportunity to show their youngsters the importance of faith and to celebrate student efforts at school. The fair was the brainchild of eighth- grade teacher Karen Hicks. (Photos by Lenora Sumsky)
Franciscan Father Dennis Arambasick, pastor; Sue Bailey, and Connor Bailey chat at following the fair at St. Anthony School.Mickey Lauzon carefully examines the soft, fluffy sheep made by first grade students for their display, which had the Good Shepherd as its theme.Lindsay Maillet, a second-grade student at St. Anthony School in Winsted, poses in front of dioramas that she and her classmates made. Celebrate the Sacraments was their theme.Elizabeth Kot looks at the third grade display, with the Way of the Cross as its theme. Students made clever candles and booklets about the Stations of the Cross.A fourth grade student wears a banner that says, “Follow God’s Ten Commandments,”  and lists them. Fourth-graders chose the Commandments as their subject.Zane Catena, left; Daniel Smulski and Matt Nichols, blindfold a youngster so he can play pin the tail on the donkey at the display created by fifth-grade students.Cody Martin-Koplar and Johanna Gruden take turns at the bean bag toss, one of the games sponsored by the sixth grade.Eleanora Bryda in front of the eighth grade exhibit.Tristan DiMartino, Skylar DiMartino and Nathan Lauzon examine prayer pretzels made by kindergarten students and displayed with other artwork at the kindergarten class display.Melissa Durstin-Alderete dressed for the fair with a colorful hat she made depicting Zacchaeus as he climbs a tree to see Jesus. Lila Alderete is behind her.Molly, left, and Ciarcia Hale, enjoying the fair.

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