The Catholic Transcript | Our Lady of Sorrows 125th anniversary
Created 2-Nov-12
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Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Hartford marked its 125th anniversary on Sept. 15, the same date that the Roman Catholic Church commemorated its Sorrowful Mother. Archbishop Henry J. Mansell, principal celebrant of a Mass of Thanksgiving, preached in English and Spanish. A luncheon reception followed. (Photos by Lenora Sumsky)
Parishioners wave sticks with streamers attached while cheering after they heard about the four proclamations issued in honor of the anniversary of Our Lady of Sorrows Church.Archbishop Henry J. Mansell poses with one of the altar servers after Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows in Hartford.Archbishop Henry J. Mansell blesses two altar servers after celebrating Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows Church.Mansell greets children and adults following the MassArchbishop Mansell with Raúl EspinalFather Jim Donagher, M.S., Associate Pastor, Our Lady of SorrowsGrace B. Canarie, longtime secretary for Archbishop Emeritus Daniel A. Cronin, poses with Archbishop Henry Mansell.Father Jim Donagher, M.S., associate pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows, and Archbishop Henry J. Mansell greet members of the congregationAn altar server poses with Archbishop Henry Mansell.An usher enjoying the lunch reception.An attendee stops by Archbishop Henry Mansell's table during the reception.Raúl Espinal and his wife AnastasiaFelix Munoz Marin and women represented parish organizationsElvia Strom and Raúl Espinal, parishioners who worked together to prepare a booklet about the past 25 years in the history of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish. years.Altar servers prepare for entrance processionArchbishop Henry J. Mansell stands outside Our Lady of Sorrows Church before Mass.

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